Club Repeater Update – 7/21/15

SCRC Repeater Update July 2015 SCRC Repeater Update July 2015 SCRC Repeater Update July 2015 SCRC Repeater Update July 2015From the Desk of Our Repeater Engineer: Joe N2QPD

The UHF repeater is back on line. The only thing I found was that the transmitter was slightly off frequency that could explain the distortion.

During those extremely hot days the repeaters may do some funny things at the hottest part of the day. It will usually clear up when it cools down.

I checked the exhaust fan and it is working fine, it just gets very hot up there at times. So far the equipment is holding up fine.

We were very lucky and had a close call with one of the antennas. The only antenna that is NOT ours fell down. It managed to fall directly between ours without hitting ant of them ! The mast is 1.5 inch pipe with couplings and it rotted at the threads going into the coupling. (see attached pictures).

I spoke to the service provider and he is going to fix it. He did not even know it was down. They are going to try to relocate their antenna some where else because they are having coverage issues.

This fall  we are going to have to fix the outside of the shed. The rotting wood is getting bad. I want to wait until I find out if they are going to move their antenna first because they drilled through the wall to run the coax and I don’t want to put in any holes in the new wood we put up.

Also a sad note. It looks like a baby deer was trying to eat his way into the shed and died right next to it. The other animals eat him and only bones were left.