COAD Family Safety Event April 6th

COAD Family Safety Meeitng

COAD Family Safety Event

On April 6th, Ken KD2DZZ and I attended the COAD Family Safety Event at the Patchogue-Medford Library.

Around 200 people attended with their children as well as different age groups of Scouts.

Ken brought and handed out a lot of good Amateur Radio related material.

The evening went off well and as a result, more local people are now aware of how Amateur Radio can help the community during and after a crisis.

Some of you may remember that the central theme of the ARRL Centennial Convention was to introduce new (and especially young) people into the hobby.

So I guess you might say this was a small way to contribute to that cause.



Find out how COAD provides assistance in your community.



73, Gary KE2YK