Critical Message – Amateur Radio Parity Act!

Amateur Radio Parity ActARRL President Kay Craigie N3KN is reaching out to ALL Ham Radio Operators regarding the Amateur Radio Parity Act.

We are at a critical time for S. 1685, The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015, in the United States Senate. There is reason to think this legislation will be considered in the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation as early as next week.

The consideration is an extremely important step in the bill’s progress towards success.  As you can imagine, opponents of the bill are becoming very active and ARRL is taking steps to counteract that activity.

What needs to be done is quick and easy but I need you to do this today. 

The message is simple:  “I’m a constituent and an amateur radio operator. I support S. 1685, the Amateur Radio Parity Act.”

Here’s How To Find Your Senator’s or Congressman’s Contact Information:

US Senate:

House of Representatives:

For us SCRC members contact our local Congressman Lee Zelden.

Lee’s contact page is:

 Phone or e-mail ->> the key thing is to do it right now!!!!