DV4Mini Dongle Arrives!

First, happy BIRD DAY to one and all!

As some of you have probably noticed, our home QTH’s are just out of range of our local DMR repeaters.
Well , a group of engineers in Europe have developed a USB dongle called the DV4Mini which is a home based hotspot for digital comms.

When you think about it, it’s rather amazing that the dongle contains 4 digital protocols: DSTAR, DMR+,Fusion and P25.

Note that the dongle’s DMR technology does not work with TRBO repeaters at this time.
That means, if you expect to use the dongle to reach friends on our local WA2VNV TRBO repeater in Selden that’s not yet possible.
This is an emerging technology so firmware updates and improved connectivity will be forthcoming.
Speaking of firmware updates, the procedure to upgrade the dongle’s firmware is nicely built into the DV4Mini’s software.

Anyway I received mine yesterday and had it up and running within a few minutes.

To actually get on the air, there were a few configuration settings that required self-discovery.

I posted a short write-up on the SCRC forum for the curious.

Of course, if you order yours and get stuck, I will be around to help.

PS: Stick with Turkey and save the Hams! ?