End Jamming in the ARRL Hudson Division

We all have heard the occasional jammer on the radio.  Some repeaters (such as LIMARC) are being pelted by jammers often, some not so often.  Below is a request to help support the effort to get info to the FCC and motivate them to take action.  Please consider assisting if you have the opportunity.

From: ARRL Members March 17, 2016 at 2:34:32 PM EDT
We Need Your Input to End Jamming in the Hudson Division

Hello —

Recently a letter was sent from Congressman Peter King to FCC Chairman Wheeler in which he asked for the FCC to put an end to the malicious interference that all licensed radio services in the New York metropolitan area have suffered from for over the past decade.

With that goal in mind, we are now collecting the following information in order to put together a comprehensive database of malicious interference in the metropolitan area particularly affecting New York City, Long Island, Northern New Jersey, Westchester and Rockland counties. We are asking you, the groups affected by this interference, to take the time and effort to help us put together this database.

Collect a Log of the Following:
Time (local)
Length of Transmission
Description of Interference
Impact of unauthorized transmission

A simple form for you to fill out is found on the Hudson Division website at http://hudson.arrl.org. Click on the “End Hudson Jamming” link on the top of the home page.

We ask that you fill out the brief form whenever there are instances of interference on your repeater(s).  The information will in part be used to get a better understanding of the actual harm caused by the unauthorized transmissions.


Many clubs and repeater owners have this information already from prior years of interference.  I ask that you send copies of this information to us.  If you’ve already filed a complaint with the FCC, I would like the complaint number, date sent, and any action if taken.

If you are aware of any interference to non-Amateur frequencies (first responders, public service, commercial broadcast, etc.) we would like to have that information as well.

Please send any and all information of occurrences prior to today,  as well as any questions, to: endhudsonjamming@gmail.com