Find LIVE EchoLink nodes worldwide! (no more hunt and peck)

Find LIVE EchoLink nodes worldwide!
(no more hunt and peck)

21 June, 2014
From the Shack of W2CYK in Wading River, NY

Ever try to find a live EchoLink node in the world and just get frustrated because so many are off or down? Ever wonder what city an EchoLink node is in? Wonder no more!

No more trying, now you can DO! With the latest version of RFinder Android (soon on iPhone) you can get a list of LIVE nodes around the world, and connect to them with one click! The list is updated hourly and refreshed whenever you open the list automatically. Of course we support the full Social functions of RFinder when you connect to a node, including notifying local RFinder users and posting your checkin both locally and local to the machine! Same function coming shortly for AllStar!

RFinder is The World Wide Repeater Directory and is available in Google Play on Android and The App Store on Apple handheld devices.
RFinder is available on the Web or within RT Systems and CHIRP.

More info : or email
RFinder is an annual subscription for $9.99USD…der_update.htm