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Membership Information:

Membership in the Suffolk County Radio Club (SCRC) is open to anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio.

Please note that Club Dues are Only Collected during the months of December and January.

If you’d like to join SCRC at any other time of the year, your membership becomes active immediately upon receipt of your membership form. If you prefer to fill out a paper membership form, please join us at one of our General Club meetings. Click here for the date and directions to our next monthly General Meeting location.

Full Membership ($25.00) is open to all FCC licensed amateurs. Full Membership includes all club privileges including full voting privileges. After a membership in good standing for one year, you may hold a club office.

Associate Membership ($13.00) is open to all unlicensed persons. Associate members cannot vote or hold office.

Family Membership ($10.00) is open to any licensed individual who has a member of their immediate family (father, mother, son, daughter, spouse) who is a full club member. Please note that family membership will require filling out a separate membership form for each additional member. Family members cannot vote or hold office.

Dues can be mailed to:

The Suffolk County Radio Club
PO Box 302
Medford, NY 11763-0302

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SCRC ID Badges Gary N2TBC makes really nice membership ID’s for our Club Members. If you would like one of these badges, please visit his site for details.