RFinder – The World Wide Repeater Directory one click connect with EchoLink!

From the Shack of W2CYK in Wading River, NY

The RFinder team along with K1RFD, creator of EchoLink have collaborated to bring new ease of use to EchoLink. Now its easier than ever to find an EchoLink machine anywhere on the planet and with one click connect to that machine. Searching for a node has never been easier!

By downloading the latest version of EchoLink, V1.4.8, …and RFinder V3.14.128, BOTH now available in Google Play, you get the following new functionality:
Search for a repeater anywhere on Earth. Choose a machine that has an EchoLink node. From the Repeater Detail screen, touch the EchoLink number. EchoLink will now open and connect to that node directly.

See a demo:

iPhone support to follow in the next month or so and will come as a normal update.

More info about The World Wide Repeater Directory can be found:
Web: http://www.google.com
Google Play: http://market.rfinder.net
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rfin…4515?ls=1&mt=8
email: W2CYK@rfinder.net
Dayton: Booth NH246

Stay tuned…more new stuff by Dayton! See you there!