RFinderPi – a free open-source realtime radio programmer!

RFinderPi – a free open-source realtime radio programmer!

15 July, 2014
From the Shack of W2CYK

Based on the Raspberry Pi, RFinderPi is a real time radio programmer. Radios that are controllable by software such as HRD will work with the RFinderPi. We have already crated a script for the FT8x7 radios.

RFinder Android is already released with this capability; iPhone is waiting for Apple’s approval.

Our motivation to create this was there is no way of connecting Apple iOS devices to Bluetooth serial devices. This unit is open source, so any software can be written to communicate with it. Additionally, the radio programming is in the RFinderPi unit: Apps only send a generic QSY request, so end-users are empowered to add new radios without modifying apps that connect to it.
Other radios can be added easily by writing a script in PHP.

The unit is based on the Raspberian build of Linux and has Apache Web Server, MySQL, PHP, HostAPD, DIO, UDHCPD and vncserver installed.

Apache, MySQL and PHP are for programming the web services

HostAPD is a wifi access point software package and UDHCPD is a DHCP server. This allows devices to connect over wifi and get an ip address…

DIO is a convenient package for talking to serial ports

vncserver allows remote connection to the Raspberian graphical desktop without attaching a monitor or keyboard.


More info can be found on the QRZ Technical forum http://forums.qrz.com/forumdisplay.p…n-Raspberry-Pi

You do not need RFinder to work with the RFinderPi. A programmer can connect RFinderPi to any software package. More information about RFinder can be found at http://www.rfinder.net