The ILLW continues to attract first-timers

Registrations of marine beacons in the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend in August stands at 297 from 36 countries, led by the USA and Germany both on 52.

A standout is the USA with no less than
14 first-time activations of lighthouses in the fun-event. Closely behind is Australia on 50 registrations including two virgin activations, followed by England 22 and Argentina 15.

Who will be the prestigious 300th registration this year? Among the latest is Taiwan with the Baishajia Lighthouse activated by Hans BX2ABT. His website reveals the level of enthusiasm shown.

The annual event aims to raise public awareness of the need to preserve and restore old structures used to navigate ships, and promote Amateur Radio portable stations.

To learn the simple guidelines, read past reports or register for the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend on August the 16th and 17th, see the website

Jim Linton VK3PC