WA2DCI Repeater Joins BEARS Network

WA2DCI Repeater

Marcus WA2DCI Programming The Repeater

The WA2DCI repeater is now connected to the Bears Network.

We are part of a network of repeaters covering a wide area around the New York City Metro area This connection is on 24/7 and there are no touch tones or control codes required, just talk.

We are also connected through BEARS to the Disney network, Orlando Florida (Disney World) and Los Angeles (Mt. Wilson covering Disneyland). The MT.Wilson repeater is currently offline.

We are connected via RF and Internet links. We do not have a courtesy tone on our repeater You must remember to leave a 2 second pause between transmissions because of the Internet latency. .


W2ABC -148.27 pl 141.
K2JRC – 443.70 pl 127.3

MT Beacon – Duchess County
W2ABC – 441.05 (currently offline)

Alpine Tower – Bergen County NJ
WB2ZZO – 444.20 pl 136.5

Somerset County NJ
N2BEI – 449.325 – 107.2

Noyac, Eastern LI
K1IMD – 448.675 p 141.3

Go to W2ABC.ORG for more information and coverage maps.

Listen Sunday, October 18th as the repeater will be part of Metro Area wide Red Cross

WA2DCI Repeater: 446.325 mhz PL 127.3 WWW.WA2DCI.NET